OPM Pay Scale 2023

OPM pay scale 2023 is still a mystery, and we are all waiting for the announcement from Congress. However, if everything goes according to plan, civilian federal employees will receive a 4.6% increase.

OPM pay scale 2023 is still one of the debatable topics in the United States. President Biden said that he and his administration had come up with a plan to raise the budget by 4.6% in 2023. Biden said there would be an average 4.6% increase in the pay scale of civilian federal employees, and that it would take effect on January 1.

4.1% of this proposed percentage will be a pay raise, and 0.5% will be a locality pay increase. On the other hand, this increase has already been wiped out by the rising rate of inflation. In fact, because of inflation, federal workers will have less money overall.

Therefore, we all expect a higher OPM pay scale in 2023. However, this expectation is not realistic either. The government is having some tough times these days, and even the government shutdown is in question.

Although the government tries its best to compete with the private sector, it seems like it will lose most of its employees this year too. The number of civilian federal employees moving to the private sector is increasing every year.

Unfortunately, the gap between federal and private-sector employment is increasing day by day. Considering these low pay raises, which is just a proposal, for now, many federal employees may decide to look for jobs in the private sector to support their families.

This also leads to a different problem, which keeps the skilled and talented staff in federal agencies. Without a doubt, if the government keeps offering pay raises that are under the annual influence rate, it will lose most of its skilled and trained personnel.

As a result, this will lead to worse problems in the long run. We are not sure whether the government will provide a better pay increase for 2023 or not. However, considering the facts, such an increase seems a bit doubtful.

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