NYC DOE Payroll Portal

The New York City Department of Education’s payroll portal helps teachers and other employees of the DOE to see their payroll information via the internet. For example, you can view your Forms W-2 when the tax season rolls in so you can report the income earned to the Internal Revenue Service.

How to log in DOE Payroll Portal

Here is how to log in NYC DOE payroll portal:

  1. Go to the payroll portal login page.
  2. Enter your outlook username and password.
  3. Click log on.

Once you’re in the system, you’ll be able to see all the financial information regards to your employment with the NYC Department of Education. Take note that the session ends after a few minutes of inactivity. Make sure to get what you need from the payroll portal as soon as you’re logged in

Form W-2 from DOE Payroll Portal

Now that the tax season is here, you will need to use the NYC DOE payroll portal to get your Form W-2 as all schools will be closed starting from February 1, 2021. Due to COVID-19, all employees of the NYC Department of Education are expected to get their W-2 through the payroll portal of the agency.

You can both get an electronic copy or print out a paper copy of your W-2 to file your federal income tax return with. Make sure to obtain the necessary tax forms you need by April 15 and file your tax return. Otherwise, you will incur late-payment penalties.

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