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MassTaxConnect can assist if your company sells goods online and is required to collect Massachusetts sales taxes. Registration on this free website allows for tax filing, payment processing, and more – all at no cost!

In November, the state began disbursing taxpayer refunds – around $3 billion – to those who paid their 2024 income taxes. These funds are automatically sent to those whose bank information was listed on their tax returns.

Masstaxconnect for business

If you’re a business in Massachusetts that needs to collect and pay sales tax, Mass Tax Connect is your go-to online portal. Here, you can manage all aspects of tax filing and payment online and view and print all necessary forms and documents for filing taxes. From verifying a sales and use tax resale certificate to learning about corporate excise and withholding tax credits, Mass Tax Connect has everything you need – all under one roof!

Quick links

Mass Tax Connect provides several valuable links enabling users to complete various tasks quickly. These include submitting payments and documentation and logging in to their account to check the status of transactions and requests. Individuals and businesses will find these tools beneficial, saving time by eliminating the need to print or mail documents. To use them, log into Mass Tax Connect using your relevant login details, then navigate to the Submissions tab to view all your transactions and requests. Once considered, you can delete them if no longer required.

Tax payment online

If your business must file taxes in Massachusetts, Mass Tax, Connect is now the go-to website for online filing and payment. This replaces the outdated Massachusetts WebFile for Business website.

Pay online via ACH debit from your checking or savings account, credit card, or check. ACH debit payments are processed within one business day.

The Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) offers a payment plan option for businesses and individual taxpayers alike. You must first receive your Notice of Assessment or Statement of Account from the DOR to take advantage of this benefit.

If you owe over $5,000, you can apply for a payment plan by contacting the DOR or using it online through MassTaxConnect. To do this, you must complete Form 433I with information regarding your assets, debts, income, and expenses.

Submit documentation

Mass Tax Connect is the website where you register to file and pay your taxes and access free resources from the state of Massachusetts to help you navigate the business in Massachusetts. It offers services and solutions for both taxpayers and tax professionals alike. Mass Tax Connect is the smart way to manage state and federal income tax obligations – it’s the quickest and most straightforward way to ensure you receive all deductions, credits, and other rewards due from tax dollars spent.

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