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IRS2Go is the official application of the Internal Revenue Service for mobile devices. You can handle many tax needs on the app such as checking the status of your tax refund, making tax payments, finding free tax preparation services, and many more. 

The most commonly used tool of the IRS2Go app is the refund checker, Where’s My Refund tool. It works the same way as the online version of the tool as there is no difference. You will need to enter your filing status, refund amount as exactly shown on your tax return, and Social Security Number/Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. You will then see your expected refund date along with when it was approved and sent. 

IRS2Go App Doesn’t Work

If the IRS2Go app doesn’t work and you’re wondering how to find out the status of your tax refund, make sure that you’ve entered the correct information on the tool. It won’t work unless you entered everything correctly. After entering everything correctly, you will see when you’ll receive your tax refund, at least an estimate to it, and the date the IRS sends the refund. 

IRS2Go Wrong Refund Amount and Common Errors

One of the most commonly incorrect entered amounts is the refund amount. Although it’s easy to find on your tax return, enter your refund amount correctly as entering it wrong – just like any other wrongly entered information – will lead to the refund status not showing properly. 

As for when you’re going to get your refund, that entirely depends on how you filed the return and how you opted to receive your refund. Those who file taxes electronically and receives their refund direct deposited to their bank accounts get it twice as faster as someone who mailed in the return and chose to get a refund check. It takes about three weeks for taxpayers that e-filed and chose to get the refund direct deposited whereas it can take more than six weeks for taxpayers that mailed in their returns and expect a refund check.

IRS expected delays 

Even if you file your return the way that you’ll get your refund in the fastest way, there are bound to be delays on tax refunds. Due to COVID-19, the process of processing tax returns is slower than ever. The Internal Revenue Service processes about one-third of the tax returns that would otherwise. This puts a strain on the number of refunds that are approved and delays the tax refunds the taxpayers expect. Delays are a natural thing to expect on tax refunds, and the only advice is to not rush it and wait for the IRS to process your return first so that your refund can be issued to you.

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