IRS Tax Practitioner Hotline

Had an account-related problem? You can contact the IRS tax practitioner hotline to resolve your issue. The IRS tax practitioner working hours are between 7 AM to 7 PM, your local time. If you’re calling from Puerto Rico, it’s 8 AM to 8 PM.

Contact the Practitioner Priority ServiceĀ® by calling 1-866-860-4259.

As a tax professional, the IRS tax practitioner hotline is the first place you will contact for any account-related problems. If you’re having trouble obtaining taxpayer transcripts though, IRS released a recent statement about it.

How to obtain client tax transcripts?


There are several ways you can obtain taxpayer transcripts. If you’re already enrolled in Income Verification Express Service, or shortly known as the IVES, you can request transcripts for $2 each. Through IVES, you will get tax transcripts within 2 business days from the day of the payment.


If you’re an eligible tax professional, you can use Transcript Delivery System to get account transcripts. To get tax transcripts from the TDS, you must have a Power of Attorney authorization on file with the IRS before accessing the client’s transcripts.


Eligible tax professionals can obtain unmasked Income and Wage Transcripts. These are only sent to the practitioner’s e-Services Secure Object Repository. This is an electronic mailbox, so you must have it before you can request these. It’s available on the TDS menu. You can check it to see if you have it.

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