IRS Office Hours | When does the IRS close?

When does the local IRS office open and close? Regardless of when you visit the IRS – whether it be during or off the tax season, the IRS local offices are open during weekdays. But, the IRS isn’t open during federal holidays just like any other federal agency.

The IRS offices are open between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM. It’s closed between 1:00 and 2:00 PM for lunch. During the COVID-19 peaks, IRS offices were closed but they’re now open. The number of people that can enter the offices may be limited though. It’s best to make an appointment before you go, especially if you’re going to visit the Taxpayer Assistance Center.

You can call your local IRS office to make an appointment and this will enable you to resolve your issues much faster.

Talk to a human at IRS without going to the office

You can speak to a human at IRS if you don’t need to present any documents. If you’re having trouble receiving your stimulus payment, there are a few updates you should know.

The last possible date to apply for stimulus payments through Get My Payment was late-November. Since we’re only a week to ten days away from the start of the tax season, the IRS needs you to file a federal income tax return to provide your payment information. Even if you’re a non-filer, simply go ahead and file a tax return at the start of the tax season.

IRS Phone Numbers

If your stimulus is why you want to connect to the IRS, know that you will need to claim the recovery rebate credit which is basically your stimulus payment. The economic impact payments were an advanced payment of this tax credit. In other words, the stimulus payment you’re expecting is the advanced payment of the recovery rebate credit.

Can I update payment information with the IRS?

Know that there is no way to update payment information with the IRS at the time of writing. If you need to provide the IRS with your payment information, you must file a federal income tax return. Get 2024 tax season’s Form 1040 instructions to file and submit your return.

If your stimulus payment is shown as not available on Get My Payment, know that you won’t be getting a payment. You must claim the recovery rebate credit on Line 30 and it will be sent to you as tax refund.

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  1. I waited 10min than put on a call back they called me back 34min later put me on hold it been 124 min if the office is closed that would have told me right the irs typed in to many numbers now they want $2740 the vanguard was $ 3,561 not $35,615

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