IRS Form SS-4 Online Application – EIN Request

IRS Form SS-4 Online Application - EIN Request
IRS Form SS-4 Online Application - EIN Request 1

IRS Form SS-4 is used for applying for an Employer Identification Number. There are many ways to submit Form SS-4. IRS Form SS-4 online application is available. You can also opt-out for submit your application by mail, but as printing out the form, filling it out, and finally mailing it is a lot less convenient than an online application, we suggest requesting EIN online

However, unlike other IRS tools where you can handle your tax duties, applying for an Employer Identification Number online doesn’t work 24/7. It has set working hours between 7 AM to 10 PM ET Monday through Friday. If you get on the Form SS-4 Online Application outside of these hours and days, you cannot request an EIN. 

Click the link below to open the EIN Online Application tool. 

Apply for EIN Online – Form SS-4

To apply for EIN online, you’ll need to provide your taxpayer identification number. Whether it’s your Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, you can use it on the application tool. 

Keep in mind that you must complete Form SS-4 Online Application in one take, which means you cannot save and return it later. Also, if you’re inactive on the online application tool, it will shut down after 15 minutes of inactivity. The whole application can take approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

Form SS-4 Paper Application

If you’re unable to apply online or simply want to mail your application, file Form SS-4 on paper and mail it to the Internal Revenue Service. The same as the online application, it doesn’t take much time to complete the EIN request form. 

Get Form SS-4, the IRS EIN request tax form below. This version of Form SS-4 is fillable online. It works by entering your information on your computer or tablet, where you can then print out a paper copy to later mail to the Internal Revenue Service.

Get Form SS-4 fillable printable

Mailing address

If you live in one of the 50 states and Alaska, mail Form SS-4 to apply for EIN to the address below. 

Internal Revenue Service
Attn: EIN Operation
Cincinnati, OH 45999

If you don’t have a legal address or reside outside of the United States at the time of your application, mail it to:

Internal Revenue Service
Attn: EIN International Operation
Cincinnati, OH 45999

After submitting your application

It can take between two and three weeks to receive your Employer Identification Number. At most, it can take four to five weeks, but the IRS is usually quick in these matters where you need it to complete further tax obligations. 

Who needs an EIN, Employer Identification Number?

The bottom line is if you have a business, you must have an Employer Identification Number. This is a must particularly if you’re employing or planning to employ workers, including household employees. Use the above resources to apply for an EIN and get yours in less than four weeks.

What is EIN format?

Your Employer Identification Number is a nine-digit number that’s formatted as 12-3456789. While this is the most common format for EINs, it can start with the employee plan number, followed by EIN. For example, if the employer has an alpha employee plan, it can start with 003, followed by EIN, which is still nine digits long.

Is EIN the same as SSN?

No. Your Social Security Number is not the same as your Employer Identification Number or another taxpayer identification number, such as the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. These identification numbers for tax purposes are all unique and have their own uses. None of them are identical to one another.

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