Independent Contractor Agreement

Independent contractor agreements help both the contractor and the client to agree upon the length and terms of the service or the project. This is a written contract that will protect both parties.

The definition of an independent contractor agreement is to make sure that the

An independent contractor agreement isn’t required by law. You can just sit with the independent contractor and agree on the terms. The federal law doesn’t require anything to be written but this should agree on the terms.

A legally binding contractor or agreement is always going to protect you in case of work not being done right or other terms of the service or the project. This will also project the independent contractor against pay under the agreed price.

Sample Template of an Independent Contractor Agreement

Below, there is a sample independent contractor where the information about the service or project, independent contractor, and the client is left blank. We’ve included a PDF file so that you can print out easily as well as a Word document in case you want to change any part of the agreement.

Regardless of the service, whether it be installing a new device or something about real estate, the below independent contractor agreement will do the job. The definitions of the terms are completely up to the independent contractor and the client. Both parties must review and read the agreement for themselves.

Print out a paper copy of the sample independent contractor agreement.


Download it as Word document and edit it yourself.

Tax obligations you should know

The amount paid to an independent contractor falls under the category of income—miscellaneous income. The client, payer, must furnish the independent contractor with Form 1099-MISC by January 31st and report this income paid to the Internal Revenue Service.

Learn more about Form 1099-MISC tax obligations.

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