IND-032-04 rejection code when filing a federal income tax return is displayed when the Adjusted Gross Income of the spouse doesn’t match the IRS records. To get over the IND-032-04 rejection code error, double-check the adjusted gross income and re-submit the tax return. If the AGI is correct, but you still get the same error, or you don’t know the previous year’s adjusted gross income, submit the tax return by mail. You can print out a paper copy of your federal income tax return through e-File and mail it to the IRS.

The mailed-in tax returns work because they don’t require you to verify identity by entering the previous year’s AGI. 

Spouse didn’t file a tax return 

If your spouse didn’t file a federal income tax return in the previous year, enter the AGI as zero, and this problem should go away. The same also applies to your adjusted gross income for identity verification purposes. 

IND-032-04 has an easy solution, as explained above, but make sure not to keep submitting the same tax return electronically as it won’t make a difference. 

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