How to Use Chicago Business Direct?

Chicago Business Direct is the solution if you want to streamline your business and reduce paperwork. This online portal combines all of your city license and tax needs into one convenient location.

If you are a business owner in Chicago, you can use the Chicago Business Direct to help you with your city license and tax needs. This online portal combines all the information and services you need for your business, making it easy to manage and save time and money. It also makes it easier to renew your license and file taxes. The portal is available to all businesses and their legal representatives. It can be accessed on any device with internet access. To ensure the best experience, we recommend using a browser other than Google Chrome.

City of Chicago Business License

If you have a business in the City of Chicago, you may be required to file a license. You can apply online using Chicago Business Direct. Applicants must report any changes to their business information, including legal entity or officers/owners, within 60 days. The City also uses the system to notify applicants of outstanding debt holds. Applicants must resolve these debt holds before they can renew their licenses.

Getting started with Chicago Business Direct is easy, but there are some important steps to follow. This guide will walk you through the process step-by-step. It is best to open the guide in a new window so that you can follow along with the steps as they are being explained.

How to Renew My Business License in Chicago Using the Chicago Business Direct
How to Use Chicago Business Direct? 1

How to Renew My Business License in Chicago Using the Chicago Business Direct?

You can follow these general steps to renew a business license in Chicago using the Chicago Business Direct platform.

Access the Chicago Business Direct Portal

Visit the Chicago Business Direct website (

Log in to your account. You may need to create one if you don’t have an account.

Navigate to the License Renewal Section

Once logged in, look for a section or link related to “License Renewals.” The exact location and wording may vary on the website.

Select Your License Type

Choose the specific license or permit you want to renew. Chicago has various types of licenses for different business activities.

Review and Update Information

You may be asked to review and update your business information, such as your business address, contact information, and other details.

Pay the Renewal Fee

You will typically need to pay the renewal fee associated with your license. Chicago Business Direct usually allows for online payments using various methods like credit cards or electronic check.

Complete the Renewal Application

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the renewal application. This may include answering questions, providing documentation if necessary, and confirming your information.

Submit the Renewal Application

Once you have filled out the renewal application and made the payment, you should submit the application electronically. Make sure to review all the information for accuracy.

Confirmation and Receipt

After successfully submitting your renewal application and payment, you should receive a confirmation and, in some cases, a digital receipt. Keep a record of these documents for your records.

Await Approval

The city’s licensing department will review your renewal application. If everything is in order, your license will be renewed.

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