How to create an electronic signature? e-Signature

The only way to sign documents online is using an electronic signature. Without one, you will have to enter your signature on paper, scan the document, and then e-mail it. Since this is too much work and not everybody has a scanner, we are going to teach you how you can create an electronic signature in minutes.

First and foremost, what are electronic signatures? When you need to sign a document online or sign a document before you need to send it via e-mail, you will need an e-signature, hence the name e-signature. It is your signature but in electronic format. So there isn’t going to be much difference between a signature written with a pencil or online.

Create e-signature for free

Most PDF Filler applications allow its users to create e-signatures. While there are plenty of applications like that, we suggest using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. It is completely free of charge to use and you can even fill out PDF documents that aren’t fillable online.

To create an e-signature using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, you first need to download it. Go to Adobe’s website and download it for free. When you install it we suggest only downloading Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and skipping the offers.

Once you’re done, open any PDF document such as Form W4. On the left side menu, click on Fill&Sign as seen in the image below.

How to create an electronic signature? e-Signature
How to create an electronic signature? e-Signature 1

This will allow you to not only sign any PDF document but also fill out even if it isn’t fillable. The application will make it available for filling out on your computer automatically. On the upper menu, click on Sign as seen in the image below, and select create a signature.

How to create an electronic signature? e-Signature
How to create an electronic signature? e-Signature 2

Now, this is the part where you create your electronic signature. You have two options for the most part: either draw your signature or import it from a document you already signed. If your computer has a touchscreen availability, this is perfect for you. Simply, draw your signature and you’re done. Also, you can open up any stylus on a touchscreen device such as your smartphone and draw your signature. After finished, you can import it to Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

In addition to these, you can create a transparent picture of your signature. Although you will need a photoshop in most cases, you can try the transparent image maker tools online. Regardless of the way you create your electronic signature, it will be saved in the software and you can sign documents on your computer anytime you want.

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