How to attach tax forms and schedules?

How to attach tax forms and schedules? All tax forms you use for your tax return must be attached to 1040. How you’re going to attach it depends on how you file your tax return. Those who file a paper tax return is going to attach their forms and schedules differently than someone who files an electronic return.

Regardless of how you choose to file your tax return, you must attach all your tax forms and schedules that the IRS needs. Here is how you can attach tax forms on paper and electronically.

Paper Tax Returns

If you’re filing a tax return on paper, attaching tax forms and schedules is easy. You simply need to staple your tax forms and schedules in front of Form 1040.

However, before you do that, make sure everything is in order. Separate the schedules and forms, then staple. You can staple tax documents on the upper right or left corner. If stapling is something that will troubling, use a paperclip instead.

Electronic Tax Returns

When filing an electronic tax return, you won’t do anything to attach your forms and schedules to your 1040. Everything will be handled by the tax software you’re using to file your tax return.

However, it isn’t that easy. You must provide a copy of your tax forms and schedules to the e-file provider. After that, the provider will send your electronic tax return to the IRS. The ordering and sorting your tax documents is done by the tax software automatically, thus, you don’t need to anything to attach tax forms and schedules to your return manually.

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