How is SUI Tax Rate Calculated?

The State Unemployment Insurance tax or SUI tax is paid by employers to fund short-term unemployment benefits. These benefits include pretty much anything that unemployment insurance covers. So not only being laid off due to lack of available work is covered.

Some of the things that these short-term unemployment benefits cover are not being able to work due to health or personal problems, Every state has different State Unemployment Insurance tax rates. There is more than one thing that goes into calculating the SUI tax rate.

The amount of SUI tax an employer is going to pay depends on the wage, salary, or other compensation paid to former employees and the number of employees who have been laid off. The total SUI tax rate can be anywhere between 0.1% to upwards of 15%. Therefore, the amount you as an employer will pay in SUI tax is equal to the tax rate you are eligible for.

When calculating the SUI tax rate that applies to you, take into account the following.

  • The amount of wage and salary paid to the employees.
  • The number of former employees who claimed unemployment benefits during the last year.

Average State Unemployment Insurance Tax Rates

StateSUI Tax Rate
Alabama0.65% to 6.80%
Alaska1.00% to 5.40%
Arizona0.05% to 12.76%
Arkansas0.40% to 14.30%
California1.50% to 6.20%
Colorado0.62% to 8.15%
Connecticut1.90% to 6.80%
Delaware0.30% to 8.20%
District of Columbia1.60% to 7.00%
Florida0.10% to 5.40%
Georgia0.04% to 5.40%
Hawaii0.00% to 5.60%
Idaho0.39% to 5.40%
Illinois0.52% to 6.92%
Indiana0.50% to 7.40%
Iowa0.00% to 7.50%
StateSUI Tax Rate
Kansas0.20% to 7.60%
Kentucky0.40% to 9.25%
Louisiana0.10% to 6.20%
Maine0.06% to 5.46%
Maryland0.30% to 7.50%
Massachusetts0.83% to 12.65%
Michigan0.06% to 12.65%
Minnesota0.20% to 10.30%
Mississippi0.20% to 5.60%
Missouri0.00% to 8.37%
Montana0.13% to 6.30%
Nebraska0.00% to 5.40%
Nevada0.25% to 5.40%
New Hampshire 0.10% to 7.50%
New Jersey0.50% to 5.80%
New Mexico0.33% to 5.40%
StateSUI Tax Rate
New York1.30% to 9.10%
North Carolina0.06% to 5.75%
North Dakota0.30% to 10.74%
Ohio0.30% to 9.00%
Oklahoma0.10% to 5.50%
Oregon0.90% to 5.40%
Pennsylvania2.39% to 11.03%
Rhode Island0.89% to 9.49%
South Carolina0.06% to 5.46%
South Dakota0.00% to 9.35%
Tennessee0.01% to 10.00%
Texas0.46% to 6.46%
Utah0.10% to 7.10%
Vermont1.10% to 7.70%
Virginia0.11% to 6.21%
Washington 0.13% to 7.73%
West Virginia1.50% to 8.50%
Wisconsin0.00% to 12.00%
Wyoming0.28% to 8.78%

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