FPYMT-071-01 rejection code when e-filing taxes is a common problem came across by thousands of taxpayers every year. The rejection code FPYMT-071-01 is displayed when the tax return needs a correction in regards to the payment date requested. Since the Internal Revenue Service needs time to process your federal income tax return, you can’t request the payment five or more days before the date the IRS receives it. 

Correct the date, and the FPYMT-071-01 error should go away. While most other issues may reoccur with the same rejection code, you won’t get the FPYMT-071-01 error on your electronic return after fixing the date. If you still get the same error, even after the date is at a range that’s within the allowed frame, print out a paper copy of your federal income tax return, sign it, attach the tax documents that are on your return, and mail it to the Internal Revenue Service. Doing these will make the FPYMT-071-01 rejection isn’t a problem anymore.

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