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Form 911, also called the Request for Taxpayer Advocate Service Assistance, is designed to help resolve an IRS issue. The thing is, you should wait to file it until you have exhausted all other options. Read on to learn everything about Form 911.

Request for Taxpayer Advocate Service Assistance, Form 911, is a form that is designed to help resolve an IRS issue. There are three main sections in Form 911. The first section consists of basic information about the taxpayer. The second is the explanation of the problem, and the third is the description of the relief requested.

For instance, you may request the release of property held by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in a levy or a penalty reduction. You may also want to include a list of possible relief actions to help your advocate understand what you are asking for.

The IRS Form 911 can be filled out online, by mail, or by fax. The form can be edited, and the information entered can be accessed in a secure online environment. You can also save the form as a PDF, image, or spreadsheet. You can even store and share the form with colleagues in a secure workspace. You can even set notifications to alert you when your form is ready for review.

The form may be filed by the taxpayer or an authorized representative. A representative is typically a CPA. In some cases, the taxpayer may have a valid power of attorney, but it is not required. The IRS is also able to rescind a taxpayer assistance order, so it is important to remember that it can be a good idea to get an advocate involved before the end of the tax year.

How To Fill Out Form 911?

Whether you have recently been assessed an unfavorable tax liability or you have been notified of a tax penalty, you can seek assistance from the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS). The TAS is an independent organization within the IRS and is designed to help taxpayers with problems relating to their taxes. You can find more information about the TAS on its website.

The IRS has provided Form 911 to help taxpayers request assistance from the Taxpayer Advocate Service. The form is available online, by phone, or through the mail. You can also download the form from an external link. The form is two pages long and contains instructions for completing the form.

Form 911 form asks you to:

  • Provide basic information about your tax situation (tax year and tax form number)
  • Provide your current mailing address.
  • The address includes your street address, P.O. Box address, and zip code.
  • And explain what you need help with. The IRS will contact you with the first available advocate who can help you with your problem.

Where To File Form 911

First MethodFax: TAS has at least one office in 

  • Every state
  • The District of Columbia
  • Puerto Rico. 

Submit this request to the Taxpayer Advocate office located in the city or state where you live. Check out the IRS’ official to check their directory for fax numbers.

Second Method, Mail: You can find the mailing address and phone number (voice) of your local Taxpayer Advocate office in your phone book, on the IRS’s website, and in Pub. 1546, or get this information by calling IRS’s toll-free number: 1-877-777-4778

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