Form 8288-B Processing Time

Unfortunately, the IRS is having a hard time processing the forms these days. Recently, there was news about the IRS disposing of millions of files without any processing to decrease the increased processing time. This has already attracted plenty of attention. When such setbacks are in question, people wonder about the Form 8288-B processing times.

Under normal circumstances, the Form 8288-B processing time has been set at 90 days on average. However, due to the COVID-related delays, it is almost impossible to say anything about the processing times these days.

It is worth noting that the processing times for Form 8288-B were about 5 months at the end of 2021. As of these months, the average processing time varies between 6 and 8 months. If you also make a refund request on your United States income tax return, you will also have to wait for about seven to nine months on average so that the IRS can process the refund.

Sadly, these increasing processing times have started to become a huge burden for taxpayers. This is especially true if you are a foreigner trying to sell your property in the United States. Therefore, it may be a good idea to work with a tax professional to handle the operations on your behalf.

Otherwise, you may have to wait longer in case you make any mistakes while filing your forms or submitting your application. Such minor and preventable mistakes can extend the process for months, and you may not want to deal with such inconveniences.

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