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The FEHB Program offers federal employees, retirees, and their families the widest selection of healthcare plans in the country.

The Federal Employees Health Benefit (FEHB) Program is one of the world’s largest employer-sponsored group health insurance programs. It provides health coverage for almost 8 million current and retired federal employees and their families. FEHB participants can change plans once a year during the open season. That time period runs from mid-November to early December and is also when FEDVIP (Federal Dental and Vision Insurance Program) coverage can be adjusted.

Anyone who is eligible to participate in the FEHB Program can choose and change their health plans during Open Season. This includes active and retired federal, postal, Indian tribes, tribal organizations, and Urban Indian organizations employees, annuitants, survivors of deceased annuitants, and their dependents. Individuals who experience a Qualifying Life Event may also change their enrollment outside of Open Season. Employees should log in to their My Employee Personal Page (MyEPP) or submit a standard form SF-2809 to an HR Specialist or CSA to make changes.

For those who need help understanding the options and rules, a number of FEHB brochures are available to guide them. The FEHB program can be complex, so those interested in making an informed decision about their plan should read the brochures carefully and talk with their human resource office. The FEHB program has special provisions for people in part-time positions and those on temporary appointments, seasonal schedules, or intermittent schedules. These are explained in a chapter of the FEHB handbook specific to these Federal employees. People in these positions should contact their Federal agency or tribal employer for more information. This is important because it can affect an employee’s eligibility for continuing coverage as a retiree under the FEHB program.

Who Can Apply for FEHB Plans
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Who Can Apply for FEHB Plans?

If you have a permanent full-time career appointment or work on a part-time career basis, and you are not covered by other health insurance, you can enroll in the FEHB Program. Student employees on appointments limited to one year or less who are expected to work 130 hours a month for at least 90 days and employees under Pathways programs may also qualify for FEHB coverage. The employing office will make the final determination about whether you can enroll. If the office decides you are not eligible for enrollment, it will write to you explaining why and tell you that you have the right to request reconsideration. Each state offers a variety of plan options for you to choose from. Each plan has brochures for you to review that describe the coverage available and any special features of the plan.

Generally, you can change your FEHB coverage only during an open season or because of a qualifying life event. If you do so, your decision must be made within 60 days of becoming eligible. Your employing office will remind you of the deadline and help you to decide how best to meet your health care needs. Spouses of annuitants enrolled in either Self Only or Self Plus One may continue their FEHB coverage in retirement as long as the annuitant elects a minimum survivor annuity.

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