Aetna Doctor Finder

Aetna makes it easy to find in-network doctors. To start, visit the Aetna website and log in with your username and password, or continue as a guest.

Aetna doctor finder is a tool that allows members to locate health care providers that accept their insurance. The online tool can be used to find a primary care physician, specialist, dentist, or hospital. First, visit the Aetna website and log in or create an account to use the tool. Then, select the option to “Find a Doctor” and enter your medical provider’s name. Once you’ve entered the name, select the “Look within” slider to adjust how close the medical provider needs to be to you, and click “Search.”

For Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) plans that have an Aetna network, it is important to choose in-network doctors to maximize plan benefits. In-network Aetna doctors typically charge lower out-of-pocket costs for non-emergency care. However, for emergencies, the plan will still cover the care, whether received inside or outside the network.

If your plan is associated with the smaller Aetna network, you can search for providers by selecting the button to the left of “(NC) Aetna Whole Health – Duke Health, WakeMed & THN-Cone Health”. This will take you to the online Aetna doctor finder. In this window, under the “What do you want to search for?” field, slowly type your medical provider’s last name. As you type, a list of medical providers will appear that match your search.

Aetna Doctor Finder Works with IE and Chrome Browsers
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Aetna Doctor Finder Works with IE and Chrome Browsers

Aetna online provider search tool is designed to work best with Internet Explorer or Google Chrome browsers. It’s also compatible with mobile devices. Please note that Provider Search is for the personal, non-commercial use of current and prospective Aetna members only. Any unauthorized use of this site is strictly prohibited.

Aetna and MinuteClinic, LLC (which either operates or provides certain management support services to MinuteClinic-branded walk-in clinics) are both within the CVS Health family.

A Big Physician Directory

The Aetna physician directory includes the names of more than 1.4 million doctors and other providers who have signed up to accept the Aetna PPO network. The search tool allows you to narrow your search by type of provider, geographic location, and best match. You can even find behavioral health professionals and hospitals.

In-network providers typically offer lower-cost care than out-of-network providers. However, it is important to remember that emergency services are generally covered regardless of whether or not the doctor is in-network or out-of-network. In most other situations, it is recommended that you visit an Aetna in-network provider.

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