Your Tax Return is Still Being Processed

After submitting a federal income tax return to the Internal Revenue Service, there is a wait time for the agency to process it. How long your tax return will be in processing depends on its complexity and how it’s sent. It takes less time for the IRS to process electronically filed tax returns and more for mailed-in tax returns. The reason for this is how fast the agency receives the original return and the method used. It’s not as easy to process mailed-in tax returns compared to e-filed ones. 

Tracking the status of your tax refund has a lot to do with your tax return. After looking up the status of your return and seeing it as the tax return is still being processed in 2024 isn’t a surprise as the agency needs time to process, approve and issue your refund. The easiest way to understand when you might get your refund is simply by looking at the chart below explaining all types of returns and methods of getting the refund. 

Tax Return & Refund Method Days
Mailed-in and paper checkApproximately after 45 days
Mailed-in and direct depositApproximately after 35 days
Electronic and paper checkApproximately after 30 days
Electronic and direct depositApproximately after 21 days

When you check the status of your refund, you’ll be provided with a date on when you will get it. This message is usually on the tracker after the Internal Revenue Service receives your tax return. It’s important to see other taxpayers who filed their tax returns around the same time as you and ask them whether they have gotten their tax returns or not. Asking this to people nearby lets you know when you’ll receive your tax refund. 

I filed my tax return on “x” date. When will I get my refund?

As mentioned above, you’ll get your tax refund after the Internal Revenue Service processes it. When you will receive it depends largely on how your original return is filed and how you’re receiving the tax refund. To get your tax refund the fastest way possible, make sure to file electronically and get your refund direct deposited to your bank account. This will save you days and even weeks. 

COVID-19 processing times

Certain delays on tax returns and refunds are expected due to COVID-19. Because the Internal Revenue Service has a reduced number of workers, it’s highly anticipated there are going to be delays. Most taxpayers should be fine though as long as they file their tax return through tax preparation services and avoid any late refunds in doing so. Because tax preparation services work closely with the Internal Revenue Service, they make processing tax returns a lot easier than traditionally filing and mailing a return to the agency.

All and all though, despite COVID-19, your refund shouldn’t take more than a month to arrive at your door.  

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