Worst Days in Stock Market History

The ups and downs aren’t unusual in the stock market but we’re always going to look for the best and the worst days. After the Covid-19 pandemic, the stock market had its worst day in history. In fact, out of the top five worst days that we’ve had in history, two of them occurred in the last a couple of days. The top five biggest day drops, on the other hand, occurred all within a month.

Recently, the Dow Jones Industrial Average declined 2,353 which was the biggest point drop in the stock market history. Only a few days later, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped another 2,997 points which again, making it the worst single-day point drop in history.

Only a few weeks before this bad day, Dow was going strong and didn’t seem to be affected that much. The coronavirus pandemic and its effects on the global economy started a decline not only in the U.S. but all over the world. The U.S. stock market is seeing its biggest point drops not only in modern years but in its history as well.

If we were to look at the largest daily point losses in history, you’d see 2020 at the top. But you’d also see 2020 in gains as well. Here are the top 5 worst single-day point drops in stock market history.

Top 5 Worst Single-Day Point Drops

DateNet ChangeClosePercentage
March 16, 2020-2,997%20,188.52-12.93%
March 12, 2020-2,352%21,200.62-9.99%
March 9, 2020-2,013%23,851.02 -7.79%
March 11, 2020-1,464%23,553.22-5.86%
February 27, 2020-1,190%25,766.64 -4.42%

Slowly but surely though, the stock market is recovering from the effects of the pandemic. While there the top 5 single-day point drops in history occurred in February and March 2020, the top four gains also happened during this time. If the pandemic continues to be at this rate, it is expected that the stock market is going to recover in eight to twelve months.

The stock market corrections happen all the time but since there isn’t that much sign of a bear coming soon, so most investors are safe at the moment. Here is the largest single-day point gains in history which will show a sign of relief to most investors.

DateNet ChangeClosePercentage
March 13, 2020+1,98523,185.62+9.36%
March 2, 2020+1,29326,703.32 +5.09%
March 4, 2020+1,17327,090.86+4.53
March 10, 2020+1,16725,018.16+4.89%
December 26, 2018+1,08622,878.45+4.98%

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