Where’s My Refund Bar Disappeared

Taxpayers checking the status of their tax refunds are experiencing the orange bar disappearing from the screen after checking their refunds. This is a common problem faced especially during the peak of the tax season. Millions of taxpayers look up the status of their tax refunds every day between the start and end of the tax season. This causes stain on the IRS web services which is the main reason why such an error happens on Where’s My Refund tool.

Start checking the status of tax refunds.

If you’re experiencing this error on Where’s My Refund, check back the status of your tax refund later. We suggest using the Where’s My Refund tool in times where it gets less traffic such as the early morning or later during the night. You can also use a different browser to check the status of your refund and clear your cache in the browser settings which will enable you to view the status of your tax refund much quickly.

Another common problem taxpayers face using the Where’s My Refund tool is not seeing their refund status at all. If this happens to you, wait for the IRS to receive your tax return first. Once the IRS receives your return, you will know whether or not it has been approved in the later stages. Nevertheless, it takes between seven and twenty-one days for the IRS to process and issue tax refunds to their owners. To get your refund as soon as possible, make sure to e-file and choose direct deposit as the way of receiving your refund.

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