Where’s My Refund: Arkansas

The State of Arkansas offers a service that allows taxpayers to check the status of their tax refund. However, the time it takes to process a refund can vary.

The State of Arkansas has an online tool that allows taxpayers to track the status of their state tax refund. Where’s My Refund: Arkansas tool requires the taxpayer’s social security number, tax year, and expected refund amount to provide up-to-the-minute information on the status of the refund. Refund status updates are available 24 hours after e-filing or four weeks after mailing a paper return. The State of Arkansas also offers several tax deductions and credits to minimize tax liability and maximize refund amounts. Understanding these credits and deductions is crucial for taxpayers looking to minimize their tax liability.

The Department of Revenue issues an estimated $825 million in annual income tax refunds. Taxpayers can minimize refund delays by submitting a timely return and choosing direct deposit. In addition, taxpayers should avoid missing deadlines and be sure to review all documents before filing. Some common reasons for delays include:

  • Not using direct deposit.
  • Submitting a paper return.
  • Having errors on the return.
  • Having returns identified for additional review.

With a Republic Bank checking account, taxpayers can get access to their federal and state refunds even sooner by receiving the funds in their accounts within a few weeks after filing.

How to Check Refund Status in Arkansas
Where's My Refund: Arkansas 1

How to Check Refund Status in Arkansas?

E-filing and direct deposit are the fastest and safest ways to receive a refund. The Department recommends that taxpayers use these options. Direct deposit is simple and easy to set up. It can be configured through most tax software or by indicating to your tax preparer that you want your refund to be deposited in your bank account. Taxpayers can also set up a direct deposit by going to their Online Account.

Other factors can delay a refund. These include missing documentation, return errors, and returns identified for additional review. The Department notes that some returns are processed faster than others, depending on when a taxpayer files and the requested refund type.

If your return was e-filed and you selected direct deposit, your refund status should appear within 14 business days of the Department’s electronic processing of your return. If you mailed your return and chose to receive a paper check, it will take several weeks for the Department of Revenue to process your return and send your refund.

If you need help filing your taxes, or would like to learn more about tax deductions and credits, contact a certified professional tax advisor

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