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Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Certificate is the tax form for employees to adjust their federal income tax withholding. For 2022 taxes, employees can fill out Form W-4 to provide their tax information to their employers. 

The Internal Revenue Service doesn’t mandate every employee to file Form W-4 but not filing it can result in a higher withholding than necessary. This is because the Internal Revenue Service requires employers to withhold federal income taxes at the highest single rate for employees that did not furnish them with a copy of W-4. The bottom line is employees aren’t required to file Form W-4 but in a way, they do.

There are several ways you can furnish a copy of Form W4 to your employer for the 2022 taxes – the easiest way being filing an online copy and emailing it to your employer. Due to COVID-19, many businesses have transitioned into working from home, and some even made it permanent. The ability to carry out interview processes, completing business forms and contracts, and filing government forms that are needed online is a huge timesaver. 

Here is how you can file Form W4 for the 2022 tax year.

Fill out Form W-4 on TaxUni PDF filler

Our PDF filer is a huge lifesaver when you need to fill out documents and print out a paper copy or save a PDF copy and email it to your employer. It’s completely free to use and works efficiently. Head over to Form W4 below for the 2022 tax year and start filling out Form W4 online. You can also click on the image above to access the form to provide your anticipated tax information to your employer.

The purpose of Form W4 is to provide employers with the necessary tax information. Everyone’s tax return is slightly different, so is their tax liability – even if our income is the same. Someone single getting paid the same amount as someone who’s married with two kids is going to pay more tax, after all. For these reasons, your employer needs your anticipated tax return information as stated on Form W4 to withhold federal income taxes as accurately as possible.  

Frequently asked questions about 2022 Form W4

Can I fill out Form W4 online?

Use our TaxUni PDF filer to fill out and edit Forms W4. You can file it online and print paper copies to furnish your employer, or you can just email them the W4 you filed. As long as you can get your W4 reach to your employer, your obligation is complete.

How to sign W4 electronically?

There are many ways to go around this, but our integrated signature tool helps you sign documents electronically onto any PDF document. Whether you’re on a computer or a device with a touchscreen, select Signature and sign the document electronically. Take note that since only your employer will need your W4 to withhold federal income tax at a better rate, and you won’t need to submit this to the IRS, you can skip signing and forward it to your employer. You can then print out a paper copy at your workplace and sign the document.

Can I update my W4 online?

Unlike similar tax forms, Form W4 doesn’t need updates on a regular basis. You can keep using the same W4 for the rest of your employment. However, this doesn’t mean that you should skip updating your W4. File a new Form W4 when there are significant changes to your tax return such as changes in filing status (getting married or divorced), having dependents, significant increase or decrease in anticipated deductions, etc. Let your employer know any major change by filing a new Form that can alter your tax liability or the way that the taxes are calculated.

Is there a new Form W4 for 2022?

The Internal Revenue Service updates tax forms like Form W4 as they have a direct relation with the 1040. Although not many changes occur – if at all – on Form W4, the IRS brings a new Form W4 for every tax year. So yes, there is a new Form W4 for 2022.

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