Visa IntelliLink Spend Management

Organizations that use Visa Business, Visa Corporate, Visa Fleet, or Visa Purchasing card products can use the Visa IntelliLink Spend Management. This expense management solution allows your organization to access a cardholder’s expenses as well as see spending patterns, inspect the transaction details.

Visa IntelliLink basically works as a data service where you can get reports on a constant basis. Since this is linked to your Visa card products, you will be able to have have your reports instantly.

The best part about the reports the Visa IntelliLink provides its customers with is how you can customize reports and arrange them. Visa IntelliLink allows users to directly integrate transaction data to ERP and supports third-party applications.

With Visa IntelliLink, you will see enhanced data on the following transactions and when the expenses took place along with other details related to the transaction.

  • Airline Itinerary
  • Car Rental
  • Fleet
  • Hotel Folio
  • Purchasing
  • Shopping and Overnight Courier Services
  • Temporary Help Services

Each of the above data will give you plenty of information about the transaction. For example, for the Hotel Folio data, you will see check-in date, hotel folio number, number of room nights, daily room rate, movie chargers, health club chargers, business center charges, etc.

How to use Visa IntelliLink?

You can log in to your Visa IntelliLink Spend Management using the account you’ve given. If you don’t have an account or forgot your credentials, you can always contact your internal administrator. This includes any problems with logging in such as forgetting a username, password, or a locked account.

Click here to log in Visa IntelliLink Spend Management account.

Why my Visa IntelliLink account is locked?

An account can be locked due to multiple reasons. The most common reason for a locked account includes entering incorrect password for maximum number of times. In addition to entering your password incorrectly, your administrator may have locked your account. If that happens to be the case, contact your administrator.

I don’t have a Visa IntelliLink username, how do I get one?

The usernames for the Visa IntelliLink has been issued by organization administrators. If you don’t have a username, contact the administration to get one. There is no way for anybody to get a Visa IntelliLink account through Visa itself. So, you must ask for a username from your organization administrator.

How do I reset my Visa IntelliLink password?

Visa IntelliLink account usernames and password can be reset using the username and the designated e-mail address to that account. On the Visa IntelliLink log in page, click “Forgotten your password?” and reset your password.

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