Treasury General Account

The Treasury General Account is the checking account from which all official government disbursements are made. It also holds dollars credited to the U.S. Treasury in the form of monetized gold.

The Treasury general account (TGA) is the central repository of various government funds. Managed by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, it receives tax receipts and money from selling government debt, and it plays a critical role in managing government finances by holding funds that finance operations or pay interest on maturing Treasury securities. The TGA has ballooned since the Financial Crisis, in line with rising government spending. Its balance is now around $1.6 trillion. But the Treasury is preparing to drain it, and some analysts warn that may crush short-term money rates more and flood financial markets with cash.

Commercial banks’ reserves will rise when the TGA is reduced, pulling money out of the economy and lowering the short-term interest rate. The TGA is also a source of cash for Treasury bills, which investors like money market funds and banks buy. The Treasury’s TGA account is the country’s official checking account from which the Department of the Treasury makes all its official disbursements. The size of the account directly affects the amount of reserves in the financial system. The higher the balance, the more reserves are sucked out of the economy. This is why the TGA’s decline is such a big deal, and it’s worth discussing what it means for the financial system and the economy.

TGA Program Structure
Treasury General Account 1

TGA Program Structure

Treasury accounts are an important part of a bank’s business. They are used to hold and manage the money that a bank is holding for its clients. This money is typically held in the form of cash, bonds, or treasury bills. The treasury manager’s job is to ensure that the company has enough capital to meet its day-to-day obligations while managing any associated risks.

The Treasury Account program consists of three services that receive and reconcile over-the-counter government agency check deposits and cash: the TGA Network, the Seized Currency Collection Network (SCCN), and the Mail-In TGA Program (MITGA). The TGA Network is a book entry system that processes and reconciles TGA transactions. The SCCN specializes in receiving seized currency and cash from law enforcement agencies. And the MITGA service allows customers to deposit funds directly into their TGA account through the Federal Reserve’s non-competitive auction process.

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