Stimulus Check Dates

Stimulus check dates 2024 became one of the most searched queries on search engines recently. We cannot blame anyone considering the high inflation in the United States as well as unexpected budget surpluses. If you would like to learn the stimulus check dates, here are these dates according to the states.

Each state has its own procedures and deadlines for sending out the stimuli. Although some have already sent them out, some states are still processing them, and some have announced a future date. Depending on the existing notifications and announcements, we have covered the announced stimulus check dates for 2024 in the following.

What Are the Stimulus Check Dates in 2024?

Below, you are going to find 19 states that have already announced their stimulus check dates for 2024. It is worth noting that all states have increased the payments due to increased inflation and budget surpluses. Although most citizens believe they are not enough, they are still something more than nothing.

  • California – October
  • Colorado – September 30
  • Delaware – May
  • Florida – July 25 – August 7
  • Georgia – August
  • Hawaii – First week of September
  • Idaho – March
  • Illinois – July 1
  • Indiana – Mid-August
  • Maine – July
  • Massachusetts – September 20
  • Minnesota – Mid-August
  • New Jersey – May 2023
  • New Mexico – August 1
  • New York – End of June
  • Pennsylvania – December 31
  • South Carolina – Late November – December
  • Virginia – July 1
Stimulus Check Dates
Stimulus Check Dates 1

What Can You Do with Your Stimulus Check?

Although the stimulus check balances are not satisfying, it is still better than nothing. They can be quite beneficial for your financial statement since they are an unexpected sum of money that you can use. Most people have no idea what to do with their stimulus check, and a majority of them will just waste it.

On the other hand, if you have any debts or loans, it may be a good idea to invest your stimulus check into one of these. It will be much better if you prefer high-interest loans or debts. If you have no debts, you can still consider investing them in Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) for your future home purchase plans. In this way, you can always transfer the money to your saving account to use at a future date.

Will You Receive the Fourth Stimulus Check?

There are rumors about the fourth stimulus check, but these rumors seem quite unrealistic these days, especially when we consider the great financial loss the United States has suffered in the last year.

Biden’s administration did not make any appeals to congress about the fourth stimulus check as well. Thus, we do not recommend making plans about the balance you are going to receive with the fourth stimulus check. Otherwise, you will only be disappointed.

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