Small Business Tax

The small business tax is quite different than the corporate tax. In most states, the effective small business tax rate is at somewhere between %15 and %20. However, this depends on what kind of entity the ”small business” is. Find tax rates for all small businesses.

  • Nov- 2022 -
    6 November
    Form 2553 PDF

    Form 2553 PDF

    Changing the classification of a corporation from S-corporation to C-corporation reduces a corporation’s tax liability by transforming it into a…

  • Sep- 2022 -
    1 September
    What is IRS Form 2553?

    What is IRS Form 2553?

    The IRS Form 2553 is the form that allows small businesses to register themselves as S corporations to save on small business…

  • May- 2020 -
    19 May
    How to pay small business taxes

    How to pay small business taxes?

    Federal income taxes for both businesses and individuals are pay-as-you-go tax. There are two ways to pay taxes as you…

  • Feb- 2020 -
    15 February
    Small Business Tax Rates 2020

    Small Business Tax Rates

    Unlike corporations, small businesses are owned mostly by individuals. All partnerships, sole proprietorships, and LLCs are exempt from business taxes…

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