PTO Payout Calculator

Paid Time Off, or shortly known as PTO grants employees a sustainable holiday over a set period of time. Although allowing employees to go on PTO isn’t mandatory by federal or state levels in most states, most employers choose to allow their employees to enjoy paid time off to boost motivation and let off steam.

PTO is generally the equivalent of how much the employee makes over the length of the leave. For example, if you’re making $20 an hour and work 40 hours per week, and you’re going on a two-week PTO, your employer will pay you $1,600 while you’re not working. It’s easy to calculate PTO based on only these two things.

Easy way to calculate PTO

Calculate your weekly or daily regular salary and compare it with your leave time. There shouldn’t be any difference between how much you earn on a regular basis with the amount you’ll receive while you’re on your PTO. 

If you earn $2,000 every two weeks and your employer grants you two weeks of PTO, you should receive that $2,000 despite not working full during the month.

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