Police Auctions

Police departments often hold auctions to get rid of equipment that is no longer needed. They may also sell cars that were seized from people for various reasons. Police auctions can take place in person or online.

During the course of investigations, police can retrieve stolen goods or property that is illegally acquired through proceeds of crime. Since they don’t have the storage capacity to hang onto these assets, they often auction them off at public police auctions. The money raised from these auctions is usually used to support police initiatives and charities in the local area. Police departments also sell items that they no longer need, including cars, computer equipment, and weapons. These items are generally sold at online auctions like GovDeals and at local police department venues. The government is legally obligated to publish information about these auctions and any additional applicable terms and conditions.

Most police auctions are held onsite and hosted by a professional auctioneer. Interested parties are given time to inspect the items before bidding begins. Buyers should have a budget in mind and avoid bidding more than they can afford.

Police Cars Auctions

Police car auctions are a great way to get a cheap used vehicle. These vehicles are often drug-seized or confiscated from criminals and can be found at local police departments. Many police auctions for cars are online and allow you to bid from the comfort of your home. These are great deals; you can find everything from old retired cruisers to a new minivan.

Police departments hold auctions to clear their lots and recover money from forfeitured assets. These vehicles are sold at incredibly affordable prices because the agencies have no interest in keeping them. Some of the cars have been damaged in police chases, and others are simply seized.

As with all auto auctions, it’s buyer beware. You won’t know the history of the car, so it is a good idea to have it inspected beforehand. Also, there is no guarantee that the car will start and run. However, common sense can help you make a smart decision and save money.

NYC Police Auctions
Police Auctions 1

NYC Police Auctions

For example, the New York City Police Department regularly holds auctions to dispose of seized and unclaimed property. The department’s Property Clerk Section works with an outside auctioneer to hold online and live auctions of high-end items, including jewelry, rare coins, and consumer electronics. The department also auctions vehicles from its fleet.

Police impound and state surplus car auctions present a unique opportunity for buyers to purchase reasonably priced, well-kept cars. However, it is important to know the auction rules before bidding. Also, these events typically have smaller inventories than regular public car auctions.

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