Payroll Calendar

The businesses have multiple calendars to help them keep track of everything. Whether you’re an employee working for an employer or someone that operates a business, you should understand at least the payroll calendar so that you know when the wages are going to be paid.

The payroll calendar entirely depends on the pay frequency. Depending on the pay frequency, the number of pay periods in the tax year is determined. This will enable you to see many aspects of operating a business ahead as you will know when to process payroll and when to issue paychecks.

As mentioned, the payroll calendar you need depends entirely on the pay frequency. Generally, the pay frequency is either one of the following.

  • Weekly
  • Semi-monthly
  • Monthly

These will determine the payroll calendar which you can then create your own and by marking the paydays and printing out a paper copy. It’s important to convert documents to a PDF file so that it becomes printable.

How to create a payroll calendar for federal employees?

Those who are employed by the federal government generally get paid on a semi-monthly basis. Whether you work for the GSA or IRS or any other government agency, you will get paid on the set terms of the agency. Check out the bottom of this article to see the example payroll calendar for 2021.

What is biweekly payroll?

As we’ve mentioned on our list above, there are different payroll periods. One of the most common payroll periods is biweekly (also known as semi-monthly). If your employer pays you on a biweekly pay period, you will get paid twice a month, generally at the middle and end of the month.

Where can I get a printable payroll calendar? (PDF)

Most government agencies release a payroll calendar that is printable but this varies from agency to agency. The most commonly used payroll calendar is what the General Services Administration (GSA) shares. You can print out a paper copy of the GSA’s payroll calendar effortlessly below.

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