MO-99 Instructions

Missouri Department of Revenue MO-99 misc is the tax form used for reporting miscellaneous income paid to individuals and businesses. The same as the federal version of the document, it’s used for a wide range of deals. Most individuals and business owners who hired freelancers and independent contractors use MO-99 to report their income for their services. We’ll provide you with a brief guide to file Form MO-99 MISC to report miscellaneous paid to individuals and businesses.

MO-99 is a simple tax form that doesn’t need any instructions, but here is what to expect when filing it. 

Content of MO-99 MISC

You need to enter several things on MO-99 MISC aside from the income paid to the recipient. This includes federal/state/local income tax withheld from the income paid if any. Since most businesses and individuals who hire freelancers or contractors don’t really withhold tax, this shouldn’t be any of your needs. 

If you withheld federal income taxes due to backup withholding, enter the right amount of tax withheld on the form. Make sure to use the right box on the MO-99 MISC as not stating the amount of tax withheld can cause problems on the recipient’s end since they won’t be able to report the amount of tax paid during the tax year. 

Mailing MO-99 MISC

Mail completed MO-99 MISC forms to the Missouri Department of Revenue. Make sure to use the correct state tax forms when mailing it to the below address and use USPS as private delivery services like FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc., cannot deliver to P.O. boxes.

Taxation Division
P.O. Box 3330
Jefferson City, MO 65105-3330

You can mail multiple Forms MO-99 MISC to the above address. Make sure to mail all the tax forms to the Missouri Department of Revenue by January 31st – preferably before the above date as the state needs to process the tax forms sent to the agency. 

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