Is IRS open on federal holidays?

The Internal Revenue Service offices are open Monday through Friday, with the exception of federal holidays. When the federal holiday is on a weekday, the IRS offices are closed. 

If a federal holiday is on a weekend, the IRS offices are also closed the next day or the day before the observation date. For example, Columbus Day is observed on October 11 for the 2021 calendar year. The date falls on a Monday, and at this date, the IRS offices are closed.

In fact, all federal holidays are observed by the Internal Revenue Service. Therefore, the offices are closed during these days. You can learn more about the federal holidays 2022 to not go to the Internal Revenue Service but any other government agency, only to find out they’re closed. 

Need immediate assistance from the Internal Revenue Service? You can give the IRS a call during working hours and seek assistance that way. Generally, some IRS representatives are working on federal holidays but only to a limited number. It may take get someone on the phone with you, but it’s certainly the only option you’ll have on a federal holiday whether it’s Columbus Day, MLK Day, or Thanksgiving. 

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