IRS Notices 1444 and 1444-B

The Internal Revenue Service has different ways to communicate with taxpayers on various matters. The IRS Notices that start with “1444” are related to Economic Impact Payments, in other words, your stimulus payments. 

The Internal Revenue Service sends a notice to individuals and couples who are eligible for the Economic Impact Payments after sending them out. Whether you received your stimulus payment by mail or direct deposit, the IRS will send you Notices 1444 to inform you about the payment and as means to prove that you received Economic Impact Payment(s) on your federal income tax return.

Notice 1444

Notice 1444 is sent to individuals and couples who received the first Economic Impact Payment, which was issued in early 2024. One thing to know about the IRS Notices is that they are always sent after the payment. So, if you received either one of the IRS Notices 1444, but not your Economic Impact Payment, there is a chance that yours was destroyed, damaged, or stolen. Contact the IRS to ask the whereabouts of your stimulus, follow the guidelines of the IRS agents. 

There is also Notice 1444-A which was issued to individuals and couples that aren’t required to file a federal income tax return but may be eligible for the Economic Impact Payments. This is just a way for the IRS to remind them that they might get an Economic Impact Payment. Because the IRS typically doesn’t have the payment information of these people, it’s a way to let them know.

Notice 1444-B

Notice 1444-B is the IRS notice for the second stimulus payments. Again, it’s for giving information to those who received an Economic Impact Payment. For the third stimulus, individuals and couples received Notice 1444-C. If there is going to be a fourth stimulus check, it probably will be named 1444-D, and so on. Make sure to keep these letters from the IRS for your 2023 and 2024 tax records – or even 2025.


  1. I have not not received my stimulus checks of 600.00 and 1,200. Can i please get some information on when i will receive it.

    1. This is Charles Fisk I didn’t receive my first or my second stimulas check and I’m still waiti ng on myfederalcheck from two years ago I’m not happy at all e erytime I try to get ahold of the IRS they always tell me there busy and all back another day it never happens I’m tired of getti g the run around the go erment hasdo e me nothi g but wrong I needso.eanswers

  2. I have not received my stimulus check of 600.00 to which I am entitled can I please get some more information.

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