IRS Appointment Number

Need tax assistance? Perhaps you have something to do at the Internal Revenue Service office to sort out a problem you’re having. Maybe there are problems on your current tax return and want to clear them out. Regardless of the reason, you will need to make an appointment before showing up at the door of your local IRS office.

The Internal Revenue Service doesn’t really offer much help if you show up without an appointment. This is a common mistake taxpayers make, especially when they need tax assistance. Before you get to a Tax Assistance Center at your local IRS office, make sure to schedule an appointment – here is how.

Make an appointment through the phone

Firstly, you will need to call your local IRS office directly. Since every IRS office has a different phone number, follow this link. You can then call them and schedule an appointment for the dates and hours available.

Additionally, you can call 844-545-5640 to make an appointment, though the IRS representative may forward you to the local IRS office.

On your appointment date, you will need to take a government-issued photo ID and any documents that you need for the appointment with you. These are to solve your needs as well as verifying identity.

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