IRS Address Change

Notifying the Internal Revenue Service of an address change isn’t mandatory, but everyone should inform the IRS. Cause the Internal Revenue Service won’t be able to send government checks to your address, you would want to notify the agency as soon as possible after your primary address changes. There are multiple ways you update your address, and in this article, we’ll go over the easiest ways to inform the IRS of an address change.

Filing Form 8822

Form 8822 serves only one purpose, reporting the change of address. It’s a simple tax form that shouldn’t take you more than ten minutes to file. After filing, you can mail it to the Internal Revenue Service, and any government check afterward will be sent to your new address. It’s a convenient way to update your address and also the best way to do it as you’re updating your address directly.

Updating address with the USPS

While this may come off as a surprise as both the USPS and the IRS are two different entities, but they work together. The National Change of Address database is used by both the USPS and the IRS. Whenever you provide the USPS with a new address, that new address is shared with the IRS. 

However, even if you update your address with the USPS, there is a chance that you won’t receive government checks all the time as not all of them are sent by the postal offices. It’s best to notify the IRS by filling out the change of address form.

Change address with a new return

Above, there are the actions you can take to notify the IRS of your new address. In addition to these, another effective way to do it is to enter your new address on your latest federal income tax return. When you enter the new address, the IRS will send the refund checks and other documentation to the address entered on the most recent tax return. 

In case you don’t update your address and the IRS sends you a check, the check won’t be delivered as you’re not going to be present at the address. The check will then be sent back to the IRS until you provide the agency with your changed address. 

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