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IHSS (In-home Supportive Services) is a life-saver for those who need in-home assistance that is blind, disabled, or elderly. It’s seen as an alternative to out-of-home care and enables eligible individuals to stay at their homes soundly.

Most people who are blind, disabled, or aged 65 or older are eligible for the IHSS. The electronic services portal of the IHSS helps those who need to view their timesheet and payment status. It’s easy to enter and submit timesheets and avoid preparing a mailed-in timesheet as it takes less time and effort to submit timesheets through this method.

The IHSS is available in three languages other than English. These are Chinese, Spanish, and Armenian.

How to login the IHSS timesheet?

IHSS timesheets and payment statuses are available on the electronic services portal. Head over to the login screen and enter the username and passport you created. One thing to know about the login screen is the username and the password is that it’s case sensitive so make sure to enter them as they are.

How long will I wait for IHSS approval?

The In-home Support Services need an extensive research to validate that you need the services offered. It generally takes between four and eight months to get approval. As long as the documentation and other things requested from the IHSS is provided, it will make you wait less.

Will I pay taxes on IHSS income?

The income on IHSS is not taxable, nor it’s reportable. So nobody pays taxes on the IHSS income as it cannot be reported. Both the federal government and the state doesn’t expect you to pay taxes on the IHSS income.

How many hours a day can I claim IHSS?

How many hours a day you should claim in IHSS depend on how many hours you need, but generally speaking, you can get as much as 12 hours a day of IHSS. If you need more than 12 hours a day, it can be allowed if the provider offers such a service.

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