How to Order OTC Items From Humana?

Humana OTC Order Online is a simple form to help members save time and money. Using an online PDF editor, fill in the fields like Member ID Found on Your Humana ID Card, Monthly Allowance, To pay by Credit Card please, and more.

Depending on your Medicare Advantage plan, Humana may offer you a quarterly allowance to buy over-the-counter (OTC) health and wellness items. These OTC products can include home safety and fitness devices and other things that you can use to help you manage your health conditions and general health and well-being. You can shop online, by phone, or through a mail-in form for your OTC items. You can also purchase them at participating retail stores in your area, including Walmart. However, purchases made at retail stores are subject to sales tax.

To order your OTC items, you’ll need to provide your Member ID found on your Humana card, the item number and description, the quantity, price, total order amount, the OTC quarterly allowance, and a check, money order, or credit card. If your order is higher than your OTC plan’s allowance, you’ll need to pay the balance in full.

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What Items Are Covered by the Humana OTC Card
How to Order OTC Items From Humana? 1

What Items Are Covered by the Humana OTC Card?

Depending on your plan, you may get an OTC allowance that covers products like antacids, bath safety items, cold and cough medicines, vitamins, weight loss items, and first aid supplies. You can use your card to purchase these items at participating retailers or through mail order from CenterWell Pharmacy. This service is a benefit of your Humana Medicare Advantage plan.

In 2023, your Healthy Foods card, OTC allowance and Flex allowance have all been combined into 1 convenient card called the Humana Spending Account Card. This card can hold up to 3 allowances and may be used to buy eligible goods and services wherever Visa is accepted.

The new Humana OTC card includes a list of approved items you can order online or by phone. This list is updated quarterly and includes products such as allergy, sinus, cough liquids and tablets, antacids, cold, flu, pain relievers, and skin care items. You can also use your card to pay for utilities, rent assistance, living expenses, pet supplies, etc. Talk to a licensed insurance agent about Humana Medicare Advantage plans with the Healthy Foods card and OTC allowance.

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