High Dividend Stocks

A dividend is what corporations pay to shareholders as part of distribution of the profits. If you own stock of a company that distributes profit or surplus to shareholders, you will receive dividends.

These distributions will be reported to you on Form 1099-DIV so that you can report this income earned to the Internal Revenue Service. Generally, dividends are about $0.50 to $2 on average but it can be way more than this. It just depends on the performance and profitability of the corporation.

For example, if you own a Hasbro Inc. stock, you will get about $0.70 with a dividend yield of 3.10%. The dividend yield refers to the price ratio of a share.

So, you get 3.10% of Hasbro’s stock price back in dividends which would mean 30 of Hasbro Inc. stock would equal one free. Rather than trying to find the highest dividend payers, look at the dividend yield instead. It will point out the stocks that will get you more in return in exchange for your investment.

Here are the highest dividend yield stocks for the time being. The below table for the highest dividends will be updated on a regular basis.

TickerCompanyDividend YieldDividend
NHI (NYSE)National Health Investors Inc.6.65%$1.11
IBM (NYSE)International Business Machines Corporation5.58%$1.64
PFG (NASDAQ)Principal Financial Group Inc.4.84%$0.58
OMC (NYSE)Omnicom Group Inc.4.46%$0.64
ALE (NYSE)ALLETE Inc.4.43%$0.61
NWE (NASDAQ)North Western Corp.4.12%$0.60
EVRG (NYSE)Evergy Inc.3.75%$0.53
PNW (NYSE)Pinnacle West Capital Corporation3.71%$0.84
BOH (NYSE)Bank of Hawaii Corporation3.71%$0.67
MTB (NYSE)M&T Bank Corporation3.70%$1.11
Top 10 highest dividend yield stocks

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