Franchise Tax Board Payments

Franchise Tax Board is the tax department of California. All taxpayers must pay their taxes by April 15 to the Franchise Tax Board. For the 2024 tax season, the tax season has been pushed back to July 15, the same as the 2023 tax season. Because the tax season started a little bit late and COVID-19 is still ongoing, the state extended the deadline to both file and pay taxes.

The deadline to pay California taxes is July 15. If the state taxes are paid at a later date, you will incur late payment penalties. Make sure to pay taxes on time to avoid paying extra. 

How to pay California taxes?

Franchise Tax Board accepts online payments through its own payment channels and payment processors. The payment options largely depend on whether or not you’re paying individual or business tax. Here are the Franchise Tax Board payment options for both individual and business taxes.

Pay California taxes

Take note that there is a processing fee for making payments using credit cards. You can avoid the fees by paying California taxes using bank account.

Individual Payment Methods

Business Payment Methods

  • Bank Account
  • Credit Card 
  • Payment Plan
  • Money or check order
  • Electronic Funds Withdrawal
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (only available for corporations)

California Franchise Tax Board Late Payment Penalty

The late payment penalty for both individual and business taxes is 5 percent of the unpaid tax amount plus 0.5 percent of the unpaid tax for each month the payment is late. The maximum late payment penalty is 25 percent of the total unpaid tax amount. 

If you’re not able to pay the unpaid taxes right away, you can set up a payment plan to pay taxes gradually. However, there is a setup fee for payment plans.


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