DS-64 Fillable

Form DS-64 or Statement Regarding a Lost or Stolen US Passport Book or Passport Card is the form that’s used for notifying the Department of State Travel about a lost or stolen US passport. 

DS-64 Fillable
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Because it takes time to file Form DS-64 and to mail the Department of State, you might want to reconsider filing DS-64 online and report the loss or purloin of your passport electronically. Since it will save you time to file DS-64 online, you can handle other critical tasks related to your passport. However, if you’re applying for a new passport after the loss or purloin of your old passport, you must include DS-64 in your DS-11, Application for a US Passport.

If you only want to report a loss or stolen passport, you can do it so on the Department of State Travel website here. If you’re going to apply for a new passport and attach DS-64 to your DS-11, you can start filling out DS-64 from the picture above. Click Get Form and you’ll be redirected to our TaxUni PDF filler where you can enter your information and check the necessary boxes. 

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