CPI Release Dates

The Bureau of Labor Statistics embargoes the release of CPI data to ensure that no one gets an advantage from getting it early. This is done to keep inflation in check, one of the Fed's top mandates.

The next CPI release is scheduled for September 13. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics will report on the month’s inflation data that could influence Federal Reserve interest rate decisions. The consumer price index reflects the average cost of a basket of goods and services for the United States’ population, including fuel, housing, medical care, clothes, and cell phones. The headline number will be released, along with the core version of the index that excludes volatile food and energy costs. The data will show how much prices are rising every month and year-over-year. The CPI is considered to be the most important indicator of consumer inflation in the United States.

CPI readings are based on price data that the BLS collects each month from over 75 different urban areas. It’s then processed with complex statistical techniques and reported monthly to the public. The BLS also breaks out the data into various subcategories, including core CPI and the PCE inflation metric that the Fed pays more attention to. Markets will be watching the next CPI release carefully as they hope that inflation continues to wane and that the Federal Reserve will eventually stop raising rates. However, this won’t happen until the economy and jobs improve enough to offset the impact of higher interest rates on growth.

What Times Does CPI Data Come out
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What Times Does CPI Data Come out?

Consumer price index (CPI) data is published on a monthly basis by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It is usually released at 8:30 AM ET on the second Tuesday of each month. The CPI is a broad measure of inflation in the economy, covering everything from coffee to cars. The BLS publishes a list of items in the basket, their specific series codes, and other information. The basket is updated each year, and the BLS also publishes seasonally adjusted CPI data as well as not seasonally adjusted data.

In July, the CPI increased 0.2 percent seasonally adjusted and rose 3.2 percent over the past 12 months. Core CPI, which strips out volatile food and energy costs, increased 0.4 percent on a seasonally adjusted basis, up 4.7% over the last year. The most recent CPI data reflects a slight increase in food and energy prices, but lower gas prices helped to offset some of the impact from higher oil prices. The annual trimmed mean inflation rate, which excludes the impact of volatile items and holiday travel and accommodation, also rose slightly in July, though less than in June.

CPI Release Schedule 2024

Reference MonthRelease DateRelease Time
October 2022Nov. 10, 202208:30 AM
November 2022Dec. 13, 202208:30 AM
December 2022Jan. 12, 202308:30 AM
January 2023Feb. 14, 202308:30 AM
February 2023Mar. 14, 202308:30 AM
March 2023Apr. 12, 202308:30 AM
April 2023May 10, 202308:30 AM
May 2023Jun. 13, 202308:30 AM
June 2023Jul. 12, 202308:30 AM
July 2023Aug. 10, 202308:30 AM
August 2023Sep. 13, 202308:30 AM
September 2023Oct. 12, 202308:30 AM
October 2023Nov. 14, 202308:30 AM
November 2023Dec. 12, 202308:30 AM

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