Costco One Day Pass Printable

Costco is the go-to place for millions of shoppers in the United States. If you’re looking to purchase items at a cheaper price wholesale, Costco is the most convenient and accessible option. With over 800 warehouses, no wonder Costco has close to 110 million members.

To claim the benefits of shopping at a lower price at Costco, you’ll need a membership. Just because you’re not a member doesn’t mean that you can’t shop at Costco though. Nonmembers can freely shop at any Costco warehouse, but they’ll have to register for a one-day pass at the membership counters. This registration will happen every time you shop at Costco. It’s a lot easier to just sign up for a membership instead.

How to get a one-day pass at Costco?

When you’re in a Costco warehouse, go straight to the Membership counter and tell them that you want a one-day pass. You’ll be given a Costco Shop Card where you can purchase items. Although this isn’t exactly like a one-day pass, you’ll be able to enter and see the prices of items at Costco warehouses.

Since there is no way to get a one-day pass at Costco online, it’s not possible to provide you with a printable pass.

Costco membership prices

Costco has different kinds of memberships with different perks. Here are the three types of memberships you can sign up for.

  • Gold Star Membership
  • Business Membership
  • Executive Membership

Gold Star Membership

Costco’s Gold Star Membership is the most popular option. If you simply want to get discounted prices, Gold Star Membership is going to be more than enough. 

Gold Star Membership costs $60 annually and you get access to Costco locations worldwide. It also includes a free Household Card for your spouse or children.

Business Membership

Costco’s Business Membership is mostly for businesses that are purchasing items for resale. You can purchase any item for resale but you must provide Costco with the resale information.

Business Membership costs $60 annually which you can add affiliate cardholders for the same price. The same as the Gold Star Membership, it includes a free Household Card for your spouse and children.

Executive Membership

Costco’s Executive Membership offers the best value. If you’re a regular at Costco, we highly suggest using an Executive Membership as it will allow you to purchase items at a greater deal and save up on your purchases. You get an annual reward of 2 percent on qualified Costco purchases, additional benefits, and extra perks on select Costco travel products.

Executive Membership costs $120, which you initially become a member and purchase an upgrade to your original membership. So, Gold Star Members can purchase an upgrade to Executive Membership at any time. It’s by far the best value membership at Costco, but only if you’re a regular.  

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