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Community Loan Servicing provides new mortgage loans to homebuyers. It does not offer mortgage refinancing and only accepts loan applications over the phone. Its interest rates follow industry standards.

Community Loan Servicing provides new mortgage loans to homebuyers. They accept loan applications over the phone and online and offer educational resources to help borrowers understand their options. Community offers loss mitigation options and housing counseling if borrowers have trouble making their mortgage payments. Mortgage interest rates follow industry standards and can vary based on the type of loan and credit history.

Community is a subsidiary of Bayview Asset Management and serves customers in all states, Guam, and Puerto Rico. They pride themselves on providing exemplary service and support to borrowers through financial hardships. They also have a strong commitment to the community and have won many awards for their work.

In 2021, Community was hit with a data breach along with sister companies Pingora and Lakeview. Thousands of borrowers’ personal information was accessed by an unauthorized party. The Lyon Firm is currently investigating potential class action lawsuits on behalf of those impacted by this incident.

Is Bayview the Same as Community Loan Servicing
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Is Bayview the Same as Community Loan Servicing?

Community Loan Servicing, formerly Bayview Loan Servicing until they changed their name in 2020, is a mortgage servicing company specializing in new mortgage loans. They offer their services to clients across the United States. They also offer online resources for potential borrowers to learn more about their mortgage loan options.

While they do not offer mortgage refinancing, borrowers can apply for a Community loan over the phone. Applicants can also check Community interest rates to find out how much they may be paying for their mortgage loan.

Community Mortgage Servicing has been in business since 1999, and is based in Coral Gables, Florida. The company offers new mortgage loans to homebuyers in all 50 states, Guam, and Puerto Rico. It also serves as a primary and special servicer for small balance commercial, bridge/transition, and construction business units.

The company is owned by Bayview Asset Management, a subsidiary of a larger wealth-management group. It also supports a nonprofit focused on children’s education and enrichment in the state of Florida. The company also maintains a partnership with a private equity fund.

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