Child Tax Credit Phone Number

The child tax credit changes brought the advanced payments of the credit but a lot of taxpayers are reporting issues. 

Small or big, not being able to receive your rightfully deserved advanced payment can get frustrated pretty quickly. If you’re looking for a fix to it, we highly suggest calling the IRS about your payment, but before you do it, you might want to utilize the child tax credit online tool that enables taxpayers to enroll and unenroll from the advanced payments.

On the child tax credit lookup look, you can see if you qualify for the advanced payments and if so, when you received your latest payment and more. It’s a must tool that you need to utilize if you’re after your advanced payment of the child tax credit. 

How to call the IRS about child tax credit?

If the child tax credit tool doesn’t provide the answer you anticipate, it might be best to call the Internal Revenue Service. Since the child tax credit questions and troubles are related to individual taxes, you need to call the agency’s appropriate phone number. For example, if you call the IRS business phone number, you won’t get the answer you’re looking for as the representatives at the end of the line aren’t going to have them. 

Call the IRS about your child tax credit questions from the below phone number. 


Regardless of the state you live in, the IRS representatives are available Monday through Friday between 7 AM and 7 PM, your local time. Calling the IRS outside of the operating hours will put you straight to the automated section where you won’t get a solution to your worries.

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