Arkansas Individual Income Tax

Arkansas state income tax is a progressive tax, meaning that your taxes increase as your income increases.

Arkansas State Income taxes vary, and they can vary from one year to the next. The top Arkansas income tax rate is 4.7% and will drop to 4.4% in 2024. According to state finance department projections, the tax cut will cost the state $186 million in fiscal 2024. Arkansas’ neighbors and competing states haven’t stood still in recent years, lowering their rates to keep up with the competitive pressures of a fast-changing economy. As of 2016, the state’s top personal income tax rate was 6.9 percent, higher than neighboring states’. Our 2016 book recommended several paths Arkansas could take to lower its rates, including cutting them to 5 or 6 percent to bring the state more in line with regional competitors.

Sanders and legislative leaders have endorsed a tax-cut package that will reduce the top individual income tax rate to 4.7% from 5.5%, effective Jan. 1, and cut the top corporate rate to 5.1% from 5.3%. The bill will also include an income-tax credit for households earning less than $87,000 a year.

How to File Arkansas State Income Tax?

You must file a state income tax return if you live in Arkansas. There are two ways to do this: online or by mail. If you are a full-year resident, you can file with Form AR1000F; nonresidents and part-year residents must use Form AR1000NR. You can also file a joint return with your spouse if you are legally married. The deadline for filing is April 15 unless it falls on a weekend or holiday.

You can also change your federal withholding by filing a W-4 form with your employer. This is a simple way to tweak your paycheck so that you don’t overpay at tax time. You should update your W-4 whenever you get a new job or your status changes. You can also claim a child and dependent care credit or an adoption tax credit, which can reduce your overall tax liability. You can also deduct certain property expenses and medical costs.

Arkansas State Income Tax Deduction
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Arkansas State Income Tax Deduction

A state income tax form is a document that a resident fills out showing how much income they’ve earned. It also shows whether they paid too little or too much taxes. It can also determine how many deductions they can take.

Arkansas offers a variety of deductions for individuals, including those for charitable contributions, investment interest, medical expenses, and theft losses. Taxpayers can also deduct cash or property donations to a qualified organization, which are organizations that have been granted tax-exempt status by the IRS. Interest paid on personal loans, such as credit card debt, is not deductible. Taxpayers can also deduct a casualty loss or theft loss resulting from an unexpected event, such as a hurricane or fire.

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