941 Form 2022 Printable PDF Template

Form 941, Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return, is the tax form that reports wages paid to employees, tips they reported, and taxes withheld from their paychecks, including the Social Security and Medicare taxes. Form 941 must be filed quarterly, but employers that withheld federal income taxes less than $1,000 during the tax year can opt to file Form 944 annually instead. In most cases, though, you’re most likely to file Form 941, not the 944. 

File Form 941 online 

Below, you can get the online fillable PDF version of Form 941 for the 2022 quarters. This version of Form 941 is an efficient way to file it on your computer, where you can print out a paper copy once completed. However, don’t mistake this with e-filing, as you’ll need to do it through a tax preparation service. Nevertheless, this is a free method that can benefit taxpayers that have filed a 941 before.

Note: This version of Form 941 for 2022 is a draft. The full version isn’t released by the Internal Revenue Service and once that happens, we’ll update it. Until then, don’t file the above version.

Before you think you’re done, make sure to take a look below to see if you’re also required to file Schedule B with your 941.

Where to File: Form 941

Once filed, save the document you filed as a PDF file and print out a paper copy. After that, mail it to the appropriate mailing address based on your state of residence and whether you’re sending it with a payment or not. 

Schedule B requirement for certain 941s

The Internal Revenue Service requires employers that are semi-weekly schedule depositors to file Form 941 Schedule B

What is a semi-weekly schedule depositor?

If you reported more than $50,000 in taxes for the quarter, you’re a semi-weekly schedule depositor. If the amount reported in taxes is less than that, you’re a monthly schedule depositor. 

With that cleared up, file Form 941 Schedule B with your quarterly federal tax return if you’re a semi-weekly schedule depositor. Read more on everything you need to know about Form 941 Schedule B 2022. 

e-Filing Form 941

To electronically file Form 941, you’ll need to do it through a tax preparation service – TurboTax, H&R Block, TaxSlayer – you name it. The online fillable 941 Form 2022 PDF is the same as the paper copy, so it doesn’t go the same as e-filing. The only difference is rather than printing out a blank copy and entering the money amounts and other information on the physical document, you do it on your computer. 

You can then print out a paper copy and file it with the Internal Revenue Service from there. 

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