30 Year Fixed Mortgage Rates

30-year mortgage rates have been America’s favorite home for decades. This is for a number of reasons. Upon applying and getting your home loan, as time goes by, you’ll considerably fewer money thanks to inflation. Another thing that makes 30-year-mortgages the best is it allows more cash flow to your pocket so you can invest the money or put it in your savings as a rainy day fund.

But this doesn’t mean that 30-year mortgages are completely perfect. According to Freddie Mac, more than 90 percent of home buyers got their homes with a 30-year mortgage. Some of these buyers would be better off financially if they opted for a 15-year mortgage.

The fixed mortgages are the best because you’ll pay the same amount every month. At the beginning of your loan, the loan balance is high and most of the payments are the interests. But as time goes by, the balance gets smaller, thus the interest share of the payment declines. So if you refinance your loan at later phases of it, you won’t be subjected to a higher interest rate compared to a 15-year mortgage.

How can you choose the best 30-year mortgage

To get your loan, you’ll have to make a down payment of usually 10 to 15 percent (variable) of the loan amount. This can be as low as 3 percent if you’re applying for an FHA Home Loan. We recommend checking in your qualifications for an FHA Loan first, then considering the available options for you.

Also, VA Loans can be the best 30-year mortgage for you if you or your spouse is a Veteran.

30 Year Fixed Mortgage Rates
30 Year Fixed Mortgage Rates 1

All the rates and estimated payments are for a $300,000 purchase price. While the down payments are going to be different for everyone, the estimated down payment amount is just for reference.

LenderEst. Monthly PaymentInterest RateTotal Interest
Quicken Loans$1,305%4.90$216,336
Reali Loans$1,024%3.52$149,214
SoFi Loans$1,105%3.67$157,463
Rocket Mortgage$1,321%4.65$207,529

The rates and estimated interest rates may vary.

Who should get a 30-year mortgage?

A 30-year mortgage is best if you’re planning on staying in the property you’re going to purchase for many years to come. Before you go in an make an application to a 30-year mortgage, consider the pros and cons.

Pros of 30-year mortgages

  • Fixed rates
    • No matter the interest rate or inflation, your monthly payments are going to be the same
  • Easier to pay overtime
    • Because your monthly payments take less of your income throughout the years, it will take a smaller portion of your income over time.
  • A higher tax deduction
    • 30-year mortgages have high-interest rates and this can benefit you in your tax return.
  • Flexible payments
    • It is possible to pay off your mortgage ahead by making extra payments.

Cons of 30-year mortgages

  • Slower growth in equity
    • It takes longer to build an equity share in a home bought with a 30-year mortgage
  • High rates
    • Compared to a 15-year mortgage, your interests are typically much higher.
  • Paying more interest
    • You’ll pay high interest on your mortgage, this will add up to the total cost of your loan.

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