Refund Schedule 2023

The refund schedule for the current year's announcement is anticipated by many taxpayers, but it is still a bit early. Here are the reasons and other details you may want to know about the IRS refund schedule.

The IRS updates certain forms and schedules every year. The refund schedule is one of these. Although the first round of the schedule starts in the middle of January, the updates for the next few years are announced in October or November in general.

This means that we still have a few weeks for the official announcement of the IRS. On the other hand, by reviewing the refund schedule for 2021–2022, we can have a general opinion about the future update.

The IRS started to accept the tax return on January 24, 2022. Considering that January 24 corresponds to a Tuesday in 2023, we believe this date will be January 23 or January 16, which will be the beginning of the week.

We would also like to cover the IRS’ federal tax refund delivery times. Although these will not be updated, filers may want to know more in this regard. The delivery time also varies depending on your delivery type and payment options.

If you prefer to deliver your forms via e-file with direct deposit, it will take between one and three weeks. It is going to be the same when you deliver your forms via a paper file with direct deposit.

On the other hand, if you deliver your forms as e-file or paper files with a refund check in the mail, the delivery time will take between six to eight weeks. Please note that these delivery times are average times announced on the official website of the IRS.

However, depending on the workload of the IRS, there may be some delays in the deliveries. Therefore, the IRS recommends and encourages use of the direct deposit method with e-file.

Another important detail to know is that you can refund your schedules throughout the year. If you are using any tax software, you will be able to complete your return and file it before the due date, which will be announced. However, this will not change their processing time, and they will start to be processed on the first day.

The IRS also provides different options to receive your refund, which you need to state on your form. As you can get your refund with direct deposit and a paper check, which will be sent to your home, you can also receive a deposit into your United States Saving Bonds.

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