Where’s My Colorado Tax Refund

When your total tax payments exceed what you owe, you get a tax refund. It’s as simple as that. This applies to both your federal and state taxes. If you’re anticipating a refund from your Colorado state income tax return, there are a couple of things you can do to learn the status of it. 

The same as the federal tax refund, you can track the status of your Colorado tax refund. The process of tracking the status of a state income tax return is pretty much the same as federal. 

Like the Where’s My Refund tool on the Internal Revenue Service website, states have their own online applications that allow taxpayers to track the status of their state tax refunds. Here is everything you need to know about Colorado Where’s My Refund online tool.

Track Colorado state refund

Colorado Department of Revenue’s Taxation Division’s online tool Where’s My Refund asks simplistic questions to verify your identity and reveals the status of your Colorado tax refund. The web-based tool is pretty straightforward and doesn’t take much time or effort to show the status of your refund. 

Go to Colorado Where’s My Refund online application.

Verify your identity on Colorado Where’s My Refund

In fact, you don’t even need to log in. Enter your Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number if you’re not a citizen or resident. Then, your exact refund amount, as shown on your current state income tax return. 

If you forgot your exact refund amount or don’t have access to your original return anymore, enter the Letter ID you received after submitting the return. You should receive this about a week after the Colorado Department of Revenue receives your return. Once you enter these, the online application will show your tax refund status. 

It’s good to note that the updates happen a bit later, just like the federal Where’s My Refund tool. You’re most likely to receive the update of yesterday or the day before. Nevertheless, the day you receive your refund should be earlier than what’s shown on the tool.

When to expect your Colorado refund

Colorado DOR announced that taxpayers are not going to wait more than 21 days to get their refund – at least, this is the agency’s goal. From the day the state agency receives your refund, the clock starts. Expect to get your Colorado state refund in about one to two weeks if you’ve filed an electronic return. 

As paper tax returns are processed a bit slower and take more time to reach the Department of Revenue, the time window is stretched. It can take anywhere from two to four weeks to get your refund in that case. 

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