W9 Form 2022 Instructions

Form W9 instructions to file for the 2022 tax year can help you create W9s within minutes. It’s a simple tax form that doesn’t require much effort, but it’s best to have a look at the instructions, so you know what you’re doing. We highly recommend filling out W9 by looking at the instructions line-by-line.

What is the purpose of Form W9?

Form W9 is known as the Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification. While the name of the form makes the purpose of it obvious, there are a couple of things you should know before filling out a copy. 

Start filling out W9 Form 2022 online.

Form W9 is mandatory to file upon request. The person or the business that requested you to fill out a W9 will need the data on the form to file and furnish you with a copy of the appropriate information return. Without the information return, you wouldn’t be able to report the income earned through this. Form W9 is for someone else, but you eventually need to file a copy to inform the payer about your personal information and taxpayer identification number to receive the information return reporting your income. That said, make sure to file Form W9 on time to prevent potential delays.

Form W9 instructions to file box-by-box

Form W9 is made up of three parts. In order, you’ll enter your personal information followed by the taxpayer identification number, and signature certifying that what you entered is correct. Here is what every box on Form W9 means and what to enter when filling out a copy.

Box 1. Name

Enter your name as shown on your federal income tax return

Box 2. Entity Name

If you’re filling out the W9 for your business, enter the business name as it’s different than your actual name. When it’s not applicable, leave Box 2 blank.

Box 3. Tax Classification

Check the appropriate box for federal tax classification. You can check one of the following.

  • Limited Liability Company (write down the tax classification as C or S corporation, or partnership)
  • Single-Member LLC
  • Sole Proprietor/Individual
  • C Corporation
  • S Corporation
  • Partnership
  • Trust/Estate

Box 4. Exemptions

Enter your exemption code if applies.

Box 5 – 6. Address

Enter your address on Boxes 5 and 6.

Box 7. Account Numbers

If applicable, list your account number(s) on Box 7.

Box 8. Requester’s Name and Address

You can enter the requester’s name and address on Box 8. This box is completely optional and we suggest leaving it blank. You can enter the requester’s name before you furnish the filed W9 to save time filing the form entirely. 

Taxpayer Identification Number

Enter your taxpayer identification number as Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number. If you don’t have either one of these and use an ITIN, use Form W8 as the W9 is for US persons, meaning citizens and legal residents. 


Enter your signature and today’s date. If you’re going to use the W9 in the future plenty of times, leave the date blank and save the form. From there on, you can just enter the date and furnish Forms W9 to requesters without putting in too much effort. 

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